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Horse Brasses

Anthony Pigott

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I came across a horse brass on eBay: Here.

Does anyone know whether this sort of thing is an actual army horse brass, used on service or ceremonially, or is it just a decorative horse brass commemorating a regiment.

I've not come across them before. Excuse my ignorance if it's obvious!



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Horse Brasses were used by all mounted troops, all nations, until the 1850's or so, then for ceremonial after that. The Household "horsed" cavalry may still use them, or the officers anyway.

The one on ebay looks to be one for a curb bit or possibly as a throat ornament. The British and Commonwealth cavalry used them, in small quanities, on service until about the 1860's I believe.

After that, they were removed as being to costly and difficult to reproduce in the field.

They continued to be used for ceremonial purposes by some infantry and cavalry regiments.

I'm sure some other folks, especially equestrians, can offer much more than I can, but it looks "legit" as I do not think they are being restruck as badges are. They are really not that popular among collectors (unless you happen to collect them!)


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Thanks for the information.

I asked the seller about this particular one - he said he didn't think it was original.

There certainly doesn't seem to be much in the way of military horse 'equipment' about, compared with the quantity of soldiers' bits and pieces. I suppose there must have been an awful lot of it at one time though.


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