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In today's local paper (the Bristol "Evening Post"), there's an article about a local chap, John Pocock, who was wearing his fathers WW1 BWM/Merc. Marine pair last December, when they came off his coat and went AWOL.

I've spoken to John regarding this (and the article that isn't totally acurate), and it would seem that he lost them in Bristol whilst going to a ceremony at Clifton College.

The article states he lost the BWM and Merc Marine, but a pic shows the BWM & Vic!!! (damn papers, when will they get their facts straight!! :angry: ) Despite what the paper says, only the WW1 pair were lost.

Anyhoo.... if anyone see's a Merc. Marine pair for Alfred Pocock, please let me know, either on the forum or off forum.

I've said to John I would certainly put the word out, but obviously couldn't gaurantee anything. He was most pleased at any offer of help.

If anyone want's to see the article, I'll scan it in and post it up (if poss).


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OK... I've scanned it and it's too big to go on as an attachment here.... so I've popped into my site (as an add on). If you go to my lost page the article should appear.

The "pic" is fairly large, so give a moment to load.

Above all, I'd like to re-unite the pair with their rightful owner.


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