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The full title of this newly published book is:

World War 1 memories. An annotated bibliography of personal accounts published in English since 1919.

The author is Edward G Lengel who is associate editor on the staff of the Papers of George Washington documentary editing project at the University of Virginia.

The book is published by Scarecrow Press

ISBN 0-8108-5008-7


In this book the author has attempted to identify all personal accounts of the Great War published in English since 1919.

The bibliography includes accounts from many of the belligerent nations but does not include journal or magazine articles for lack of space.

Inclusion of a title in the book does not mean that the title is readily available. However every title listed has been read either by the author or by one of the people acknowledged by the author.

This book is likely to be of most use to researchers. The chapters are arranged according to country. The index acts as a useful cross reference if you want to know whether or not anyone from a particular regiment or battalion published their memoirs.

In all the book contains 1412 titles from more than a dozen countries.

I like the book and am glad something of this nature has been published. My only quibble is that more people will now know what is available and this could make it more difficult to find books at book fairs etc. But that's my problem.


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Garth - thanks for the tip off, this looks v useful. it says £38 if bought direct

contents are shown on the website as follows:



List of Abbreviations



1. Australia and New Zealand

2. Austria-Hungary

3. Canada

4. France

5. Germany

6. Great Britain

7. Italy

8. Russia

9. South Africa

10. Turkey

11. United States

12. Other

Appendix: List of Notable and Recommended Books

Subject Index

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