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Witwatersrand Rifles - information please.

Lancashire Fusilier

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Earlier, I had responded to a Forum member enquiring about rifles used by South African troops during WW1.

I had such a rifle in my Collection, a 1909 BSA .303 Long Lee-Enfield, issued to the Witwatersrand Rifles, and sent details to the post.

I then realized, I knew nothing about the men who may have used this rifle. I know that the Witwatersrand Rifles fought bravely during the Battle of the Somme, and in particular at the battle of Delville Wood.

I know they have close ties with Scottish Highland Regiments, and their Regimental Tartan is the Douglas Tartan, and their Regimental March is a bagpipe and drums tune.

I would appreciate hearing form any member about the Witwatersrand Rifles, their WW1 history, their badges, uniform, and any WW1 photographs, particularly any showing them carrying or using the 1909 BSA Long Lee-Enfield rifle.

Many thanks in advance.

I had mistakenly, orginally made this post under the " Arms " section, and was advised that it should have been made under Units and Formations.


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Many thanks for the link, it provided great information. I shall also contact their Regimental Museum.



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