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Remembered Today:

Can you decipher this signature please?

high wood

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It looks like E.S.Steely Wright to me as well.

There are two E.S.Wrights on the CWGC site as I am sure you know, but perhaps the "Steely" bit is his nickname - Man of steel so to speak?

Just a thought, BillyH

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Could it be E.S.Keely Wright?

If you look at the S on Sincerely, it bears no resemblance to the S on Steely--so it could be a K with a space between the uprights--if you see what I mean!!

Any chance of seeing the subject of the photo? as this also may help? I assume that it is military?

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Ernest James Keely Wright, birth registered as Ernest James Wright, Norwich Q4 1881, son of Nathaniel Ernest and Mary Ann (nee Keel[e]y), living in Prittlewell, Essex, in 1891.

He is a Congregational Minister in Rushden, Northants, in 1911, under the name Ernest James Keely Wright.

There's a Medal Card for Ernest J.K. Wright, rank Minister, unit YMCA, went to France 12/7/17.


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