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A bit of help required with the names please.

"was transferred to India per Hospital Transport ????????

from British General Hospital ???????? suffering from Jaundice. 24-7-16"


Thanks very much.


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These hospitals can quite confusing. Although it's referred to as a 'British General Hospital', it was almost certainly a 'British' hospital sent from India and carrying an Indian staff. For instance, a hospital referred to as 'No.3 British General Hospital' was in Basra for a large period of the war, but it was named and numbered in India before being sent overseas, and had no connection with 'our' No.3 British General Hospital which was in Le Treport, France, throughout the war. There was also an Indian base and Indian Convalescent Camp at Tanooma.


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Tanoomah (Tanooma) and Edavana it is. Thanks very much. I should have known Edavana as I have come across it before in the 1st Bn. Connaught Rangers war diary and the official history of the rangers -

"Karachi 27th August 1914.

Entrained at Race Course Camp 10 a.m. for KIMARI [Kumari] docks. Battalion embarked at 6.30 p.m. on T.S.S. EDAVANA, 2686 tons. Strength 16 officers* 893 other ranks. Other troops – 1st Bn. Manchester Regt. Commander W. Walker. O.C. Troops Maj. Aitchins, Manch. Regt.

*As above with addition of 2nd Lt. C. Dennys."



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Further on in the service record there are other pages that make it a bit clearer -

30/08/1916 - NoK informed that he arrived 3rd British General Hospital Basra from 23 Stationary Hospital 03/07/1916.

06/09/1916 - NoK informed that he was transferred to 1/33 British General Hospital Tanoomah 10/07/1916.

16/09/1916 - "was transferred to India per Hospital Transport Edavana from British General Hospital Tanoomah suffering from Jaundice. 24-7-16"



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