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Lt William Mc Cluggage

nick ward408

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Hi people,

Call me stupid, can find this fellow in SDGW but cannot get him up on CWGC, tried every spelling I can and nothing. He died 1st July 1916 with 12 RIR but I really want to find his grave or memorial reference which should be easy!

Thanks in advance when you make me look a total thicko!

Kind REgards


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Cannot help with the CWGC angle, but I have a picture of Lt William McCluggage (Central Antrims, RIR) from Belfast Evening Telegraph ... it is a photo of the microfilmed newspaper, so the quality is not great. Drop me a PM with your email address if you are interested in a copy.


P.s. I have several pictures of men from RE and Royal West Kents in my BET Pictures Library ... I can send a list of the names, if interested.

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