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Special Reserve Battalions


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Could someone please clarify when exactly the Special Reserve battalions officially came into being? The Territorial and Reserve Forces Act and the Special Army Order outlining the scheme for the transition from Militia are both dated 1907. Recruitment for the Special Reserve opened on the 16th of January 1908, but the battalions trained as Militia in 1908. The date I have from various diaries is that the actual conversion did not take place until 9th August 1908.

Could anyone confirm or correct me on this please?



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Recruiting for the Militia ceased as of 15th January 1908, as of 16th January 1908 all future enlistments were for the Special Reserve. All units of the Militia, except the RAMC, were to be converted to the Special Reserve on completion of Annual Training 1908. On completion of Annual Training all remaining Militiamen were to be attested as Special Reservists only if they wished ot convert. See this link;-


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