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Remembered Today:

German/Czechoslovakian burial Liverpool

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Hi All


I was looking at this today. Any way of telling who the German and Czechoslovakian men are?

I have email the cemetery.



To be classed as Czechoslovakian the grave would need to be post 1918 and not WW1.

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Email CWGC and ask for their plan of the cemetery. It will show you the location of the graves in their care.

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Thank you all for the help.

The Jewish community has emailed me back. Below are the 6 men buried at the cemetery.







The German is Karl Weinberg, d. 21.2.1919, aged 63. He died in Isle of Man. Not a soldier but has a CWGC headstone.

The Czech is Sergeant Robert Alt, d.18.1.1941 aged 58 ( a bit old ) Can find nothing on him?

They have info on Private Stuart Samuels and Corporal Morris Gabrielsen, but nothing on any of the others.

Do you think we can find anything on them?


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Robert Alt, born 5th June 1882 in Bzenec, Moravia

Died 18th January 1941 in hospital in Chester
At the time of his death he was (probably due of health reason) already demobilised from the Czechoslovak exile army.
Burried 21st January 1941 Jewish Cemetery Liverpool, grave No. 827


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