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National Day of Prayer event at the Queen's Hall, London


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It may be a long shot, but having checked a digital newspaper archive, I remain unable to put a date to a National Day of Prayer event held at Queen's Hall in London during the early part of 1916. Is anyone able to provide any details of the occasion.

Thanks in advance,


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I believe it was the first Sunday of the year (2nd?). There was much half-muffled ringing to go alongside it, all reported in The Ringing World. I've been looking through the wartime issues and have got the detail on my main computer. I'll try and double check over the next few days

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Assuming it's one and the same as what I have down as the National Day of Intercession, it was indeed 2 January. You'll probably find coverage in The Times etc

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Guest brianweightman


Just in case this is of use....In Glasgow Museums, there is a handbill for St Margaret's Church in Newlands, Glasgow which advertises the National Day of Intercession on this date with preparatory services on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day .... so seems to have been observed across the country.


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Intrigued by this topic. WIll have to look at 2nd January 1916 next time I consult local papers. Interested in everyday life in the home front during the Great War and how churches got involved. have been searching on line for the text of World War 1 intercession services but not managing to locate any.

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