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miniature medals (ww1)


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I have always thought that miniature medals were designed to be worn on mess dress, I do remember a period early 1960's when some veterans started wearing them on their civilian clothing. this did not appear to last more than a few years and then reverted to full size. Considering the reasonable number of original (mini) great war trio's and pairs that are around that indicate only ww1 service it would seem that my 'mess dress' only concept is wrong. What is the protocol on miniatures.


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For what it is worth, my grandfather (see avatar), who left the army in 1920 and then was in the Home Guard in WW2 used to wear his 4 miniature medals (Pip Squeak Wilfred and WW2 Defence Medal) on his dinner-jacket at Masonic and other social functions. He never wore the full-size ones which are not mounted, and still in perfect condition, whereas the miniatures have seen plenty of wear - if he ever went to memorial services etc then it must have been the miniatures that he wore.


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