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I have befriended an elderly gentleman (Edward) here in my home town of Milton (Ontario, Canada) who served with the Coldstream Guards. I would guess from his current age that he did not serve in the Great War but I know that he did serve in that unit, as he often speaks of his escapades. I often chat with him about Canadian and British military history and I have mentioned my research on the great war and all the "Pals" that gather on the forum. He has never seen or used the Internet.

I have done a search here and other than for Chris Baker's mention of the unit in an example, and one mention in the topic of deserters, I could find nothing else. If there are any "CG's" out there I would like to hear from you so that I can learn more and be able to show some of this information to Edward.

It took me some time to find them on the Internet but I was able to find a link or two but they were either very historic of very modern.



I thought this one site would lead me somewhere but it is relatively incomplete, except for information from some mysterious fella "Chris Baker", small world:


Anyone know about their role in the Great War? I would like to find some of the key information and put it together for Edward, perhaps even take my laptop to the pub and give him a "Show & Tell".


Richard of Canada

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Hi Richard of Canada,

The following address might be of some help to either act as a pointer for his contacting other veterans or else give you a decent bibliography (can't find their email, but it is available on-line):

Regimental Headquarters

The ====* Guards

Wellington Barracks

Birdcage Walk

London SW1E 6HQ


* Appropriate regiment

Richard (not of Canada, but almost came to be living there when I was 10)

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did you ever contact the Coldstream HQ ?

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