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Baghdad cemetery


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I noticed that the "remembering today" person for 22 July was buried in a cemetery in Baghdad. Considering the current situation there does anyone know the condition of this and other WWI era graves in the area?


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The situation is one of 'wait and see'. The CWGC web site states that they are waiting for matters to stabilise.

Some interim tidying up was done by coalition troops but that has now stopped due to the deteriorating situation.

The following is a response I gave to a recent similar enquiry.

"The current state is best described as 'on hold'.

CWGC do take a long term view of such political interruptions. They will wait until the situation has stabilised and then negotiate a deal with whomever regarding renovation of the cemeteries/memorials.

It will not be quick and certainly not be fast enough for our liking but it will be dealt with eventually in some fashion.

Remember, that CWGC's time scale is 'in perpetuity' and the odd decade of disruption here and there is only a blip in the process.

Having said that, it would be nice to see them renovated in the not too distant future as were the cemeteries in Lebanon and Russia."

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