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I would like to bring to everyone's attention the Queen's Dragoon Guards have started putting diaries from different periods online, personal and recently the war diary for Aug 1914 - Sept 1915. They make quite good reading.

They can be found here.


They also have a good detailed history section at




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I found those links very interesting, thanks for posting that, did you have a relative in the KDGs ? my G/father served with the 1st KDGs but i`m still waiting for service record details from the MOD.


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My maternal Grandfather served with the 1st Battalion Kings Dragoon Guards. I have posted a message elsewhere in the Soldiers forum. For ease I copy the reply I received from the Curator of the QDG museum:

Thank you for your mail regarding your grandfather William Casey. you can read about the exploits of the KDG in Afghanistan by going to this link. http://www.qdg.org.uk/maintext/afghanistan.htm.

The KDG did not leave Afghanistan until 25 August 1919, arriving back in Risalpur on 28 August it was here (October 1919) that many soldiers of the regiment were demobilised, their release, being deferred owing to the Afghan War (if William Casey was married on 31st December then it was at this time that he must have left the regiment).

The KDG left India on January 10th 1920 going firstly to Iraq, and then to England and arriving at Redford Barracks Edinburgh Scotland January 1921.

I have checked the medal roll for World War 1 (this is the roll for those soldiers that were with the regiment in India prior to going to France 1914) He does not appear on that roll which is dated 11/11/1914. I have further looked through the information that I hold here in Cardiff this is what i have found

During the Afghan War there is a W Casey on the wounded roll his regimental number is 17243 and he is a Signaller, this could be who we are looking for as there is only one number difference 9 instead of 7 if this is the case then that is all the info i can find, there is no mention of how he was wounded or what happened after.

to get this info you would most probably need to visit the Public Records Office here is the link http://www.pro.gov.uk/ you can hire a researcher online here.

here is another link that may help http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/ Good luck and if you do manage to uncover any further info on Wiliam i would be extrememly grateful for copies so that i can update our ongoing regimental history.


Clive Morris curator

I have no idea when he joined up or if he served in France prior to this. For interest, copy of his marriage certificate attached. His number is almost certainly 17243 per the QDG reply, bit difficult to read on the certificate. Any information on earlier exploits of the 1st KDG appreciated.


Jim Devlin


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