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Rob Bulloch

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Hi to the forum.

I do not know much about this soldier I know his name Hugh. Joseph Mooney. rank unknown, Regiment HLI, born 6th June 1899/1900, he survived the war. An old friend has a photograph of a group of soldiers taken around 1917 dressed in tropical equipment and his Dad is in the group any help on this would be great.

My Best Regards to the Forum.

Rob. B

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Hi Rob

If possible, post his photo here and some of the experts on forum may be able to get more info from it.

Sorry, didnt know if you had, so Ive had quick look on 1901 census and theres 1 Joseph Mooney, Age 2, born Howdon Northumberland. If this is him, have a look at the census?

Theres also 52 Joseph Mooney's on the WW1 campaign medals list at the PRO too, and a few in Northern / Scottish Regiments, so worth looking at perhaps?

Best of luck to you


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Thanks for the reply Steve, and Bydant thanks for the Email, I have found three that may match, I will have to get someone to look up the records on them for me at the N/A but I will leave that up to the person I was doing the look up for thanks again.

Cheers Rob.

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