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Remembered Today:

14th July 1916 (High Wood)


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I am researching my great uncle who was a CSM in 1st Bn South Staffordshire Regt. He was KIA on the 14/07/1916, and has no known resting place. I know the Bn took part in the attack on High Wood on the evening of that day, and I have a copy of the transcribed War Diary from the Reg Museum. If anyone has copies of the following unit diaries for 14/15 July 1916 I would be extreemly grateful for information.

2 Queens

22 Manchesters

2 Royal Warwicks

2 Royal Irish

20 Deccan Horse

7 Dragoon Guards


1 Queens

16 Kings Royal Rifle Corps

2 Worcesters

I know that Chris has a copy of the 1st Bn South Staffordshire Regt. War Diary, but I now also have a copy and if I can be of assistance to anyone please advise.


Ernie Noakes

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I have copies of the 22nd Manchesters, 2nd Queens, the 7th Div diaries and various other publications on the start of High Wood.

See my signature below.

William Leyland was my grandfather.

I can help as long as you can wait about 2 weeks as I am heading north to a sunnier climate for holidays (Darwin, NT).

Peter, in the cold part of OZ B)

PS I also have some photos taken there last year if you are interested.

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The diary for the 16th KRRC, July 1916, has been transcribed and is on the Long, Long Trail: http://www.1914-1918.net/Diaries/wardiary-16KRRC.htm

Hope this helps.

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Thanks tincie.

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Hi Ernie, hope you are still out there. I have the full diary of the 16th Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Feel free to ask for info. I also have the Chronicle for this Bn.


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Ernie, have you read Terry Norman's "The Hell they called High Wood"? Really good. One of the few books ever to mention the 1st SSR!

A second war diary that I have transcribed is on the LLT: http://www.1914-1918.net/Diaries/wardiary-2rir.htm

Hi Chris,

Thanks got the book, just read your transcript. Where do you find the time?



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