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Remembered Today:

Moresby House Hospital Nr Whitehaven, Cumbria

Harry Flashman V.C.

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I left a message on UK Hospitals 1917 thread about Moresby House Hospital so I went round today to see if the memorial that was in the foyer was still there and to take a few pictures.

I used to deliver to this hotel over 10 years ago and in the foyer there used to be a memorial saying that the building was a convalesence hospital in the Great War it was in private hands at the time but now it is owned by Premier Inn. The memorial is not there anymore but I asked about it to one of the bar staff and he said it was taken out when the hotel was refurbished and given to a museum as he didn't work there at the time he didn't know which museum it was given to but is supprised at how many people come into the hotel and ask about it being a hospital.

I went to the Beacon which is the local museum in Whitehaven and left a message for the curator to see if they know where it is or who it was given to but they won't be able to get in touch till next week. There is also the local records office to check.

Its a shame that it has been taken out of the building as it was part of the buildings history and character but that's progress isn't it.

If anyone does know where the memorial went to please feel free to post

I have included photos it used to be painted white and could do with a lick of paint.




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Hi Dazz, you are correct. I checked the Carlisle Journal for 8th May 1917 and the hospital was indeed at Moresby House. I probably thought Moresby Hall and Moresby House were the same building. A quick revision of my website is necessary!



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Did you ever find where the memorial was and whether it was call House or Hall?


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