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Charlie Torr - Ireland


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Can somebody help me in finding out about my great-great-grandfather Charlie Torr. I believe that he was involved in the Easter rising of 1916 in a cavalry regiment and I believe this to have been the 2nd Dragoon Gurads (Queen's Bay) though I am not sure of this. I'd like to know what he did etc. and if he really was there.

All I currently know is that he was a sergeant and was in a cavalry regiment.

Any help would be appreciated.


He is far left in the middle row (bottom picture)


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All Dragoon Guard units were in France for most of the war,2DG arrived there as part of 1 Cav Brigade of 1 Cav Division in 1914 and stayed.

Your subject has no Medal Index Card so seems not to have gone to France etc,so it is possible that he may have been in Ireland with another unit.


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