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CWGC and medal card records


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My soldier is Patrick Muckian and his medal card shows him as a private in the East Surrey Reg no 29144. It also shows he wa in RASC ref 4/089985 and 1/15 London Reg 204939 and 1/25 London Reg 29144. CWGC has a Patrick MuciaM but as a Lance Corporal 29144 East Surrey Reg posted to 1/23 London Reg. Died of wounds 10 May 1918. Info from UK Soldiers Died in Great War has P Muckian private East Surrey Reg 29144 1/23 London Reg died of wounds 10 May 1918. Is it usual for CWGC to have incorrect details and how can I find out which London regiment he was in? Why doesn't the medal card show he had died? Any help in sorting out these differences would be appreciated - I am presuming it is the same soldier.

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The Medal Roll reference on the MIC (East Surrey ref E/1/103B14 page 2729) relates to the original roll which is at Kew in Ledger WO329/1204. From that page you may find out which ASC unit he served from the outset,and then you might not ! It depends if the East Surreys had the info when compiling the Roll.

As there doesn't seem to be a service record for this soldier you may not be able to achieve the knowledge you seek.


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I have W Spencer who has a different number in SDGW than on his Headstone. I wrote to the CWGC and they assured me they had the correct record !!!


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There can be scanning errors in the CWGC data, first stop is probably to contact them and ask for a check against the original paper register.

The rank discrepancy is easy to explain, lance corporal was not a substantive rank, but an appointment held by privates

You also need to check the medal roll, E/1/103B14 2729 is now held as WO 329/1204 at The National Archives (these records have not been digitised) as this should give further confirmation of the units he served with

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