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Feb 1915: how long in training camp in France?

Jonathan Saunders

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I am researching a man who crossed to F&F on 17 Feb 1915. I would expect he would have passed through a training/instruction camp in France for between 7 and 14 days, yet the next mention of a draft in the War Diary is for 12 March. Would this length of time between arriving in France and joining his unit in the Field be reasonable, or has a draft been missed when writing up the War Diary?

Thanks and regards,

Jonathan S

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Hi Jonathan

I have looked at the war diaries for my Grandfather Henry Conley who went to France on 19th May 1915 with 7th Rifle Brigade.

Below is a summary which maybe of interest to you.

20.5 Crossed in SS Queen baggage in another ship by train to Boulogne

21-25.5 in billets at Millain carrying out excercises.

26.5 Marched to Zoutpeene in billets

27.5 Marched to Fetre in billets

28.5 Marched to Dranoutre in billets


6.6 Marched to La Clytte

7-10.6 To Pioneer Farm in reserve constructed shelter against shell fire provided carrying parties to trenches.

10-13.6 To Brasserrie in trenches.

In summary it appears they were in billets on arrival and awaiting equipment and supplies for 5 days (notes in diary point to this).

Marched to training camp taking 3 days.

Trench etc training for 6 days.

Marched for 1 day.

In front line reserve for 3 days.

Then in front line trenches.

Hope this is of interest.

Regards John C

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