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Action report from UB64 and the sinking of M. J. Craig

Guest simon3110

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Guest simon3110

I have recently been researching my family's history and discovered that my great uncle - Thomas Frederick Machell - was killed when the SS M. J. Craig was sunk by UB 64 on September 13th 1918. I stumbled across this site and the forums and energetic contributors have been immensely helpful in discovering more information about what exactly happened on that fateful day.

In particular, I have read in several posts that one of the members of this site, Michael Lowrey, has the War Diary for UB 64. I sincerely apologise if there is a simpler and more direct way to contact Michael than by posting a new topic but I am brand new to this site and in my ignorance, was unable to figure out how to make direct contact. So with your forbearance, I was hoping to make an appeal to Michael to see if it would be possible to get a transcript of the sinking of the M. J. Craig from his war diary. If it helps, my email address is simonmachell@yahoo.com.

Best regards,


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I can get you that. Will be the weekend though as I need to rescan the page in question.

Best wishes,


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