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Old 1/6th Seaforth Highlanders Photos


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Hello All,

In 1994, the year my father turned sixty, I discovered a series of old photos my father had tucked away on a dusty old bookshelf. The 80 year old black & white sepia tinged photos showed my grandfather and various other unknown soldiers dressed in the uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders. Up until that day, I had never known my paternal grandfather as he died in 1966. I was too young to remember him and while I was growing up I was told little of his life. Perhaps, because I never thought to ask, or at the time wasn't interested. Fortunately that all changed when I discovered this treasure trove of photos. The dusty old photos spawned an interest in the Great War that continues to this day.

Although, each of the photos readily identify my grandfather, there is one photo that remains a mystery to this day. It is a single photo of a soldier dressed in the uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders. As you can see from the original, the photo was taken by a W.M. Stuart of Avenue Studio in Elgin. The cap badge identifies him as belonging to the Seaforth Highlanders. I'm guessing he would have been in the Morayshire Battalion. I'm not sure, but the cap also suggests he might have been an officer. I thought the Seaforths wore Tams. Any ideas on the difference in caps.

My father seemed to think that the old photo is of an old friend of my grandfather from Archiestown, but he cannot be sure. Anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could provide further information on this one photo and perhaps point me in the right direction. Again many thanks.




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