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Highland Officers in WW1 wearing Mother uniform

patrick anderson

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My namesake Uncle Lieutenant Patrick Wright ANDERSON , 8th Black Watch , 10 Black Watch joined 18 Sqn RFC during the mid part of November 1917 and was taken over the lines by an experienced pilot to see the Battle of Cambrai .

My uncle did not wear any RFC officers tunic uniforms or RAF uniforms during his short time in the RFC RAF but continued his Mother Uniform of the FAMOUS Black Watch and the photographs I have of him show him wearing the cut away kilted tunic jacket where the kilt sporran would have been worn . He never wore any RFC maternity tunic like some airmen did nor RAF uniforms of 1918 . ( He was serving with the 1st Battalion Black Watch during 1917 on attachment to the RFC and then on 6 January 1918 he transferred to the RFC and on 1 April 1918 was serving with the RAF in the Air Force lists)

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RFC officers who were previously commissioned in other regiments often wore the tunic of their old regiment with pilots' or observers' wings if and when appropriate. In many cases, men who had served in other regiments but were later commissioned in the RFC wore the General Service tunic with wings. The RFC maternity jacket was often worn by those who joined the RFC without previous service.

Naturally, there were variations, and it was sometimes a matter of personal preference.


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Thanks Gareth for that info and yes my namesake uncle wore his Black Watch tunic jacket and tartan trews from his attachment to the RFC during November 1917 and from his transfer to the RFC on 6 January 1918 and during his short time from 1 April that year to his last flight on 27 June 1918 flying as Observer as usual in DH4 A 8048 . (DofW 2 Nov 1921 in Arbroath Scotland )

pat w anderson

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