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Major William MILNE , MC ; .L N Lancs Reg & 77 Sqn RFC , killed

patrick anderson

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The family headstone in GRANGE CEMETERY in EDINBURGH , SCOTLAND has the family members of MAJOR WILLIAM MILNE MC listed on the headstone from 1902 to 1961 .

Listed on this headstone in this Cemetery is:

MAJOR WILLIAM MILNE , MC , L. N. LANCASHIRE REGT & RFC . Killed whilst flying near Beston , Berwickshire on 13th April 1917 , born 1888 , youngest son .

Airmen died in the Great War 1914-18 records that on 13 April 1917 Major W Milne and Lt GEC Collison , 77 Sqn RFC, kwf in BE2c in the UK .

Major William Milne MC is listed on the CWGC index and on the Scottish national War Memorial at the Edinburgh castle as it would seem that he had Scottish connections although he is recorded as native of CHAMADASKA, BC , canada

Milne was it seems awarded his MC in May 1916 when he was attacked by 2 German aircraft while flying an FE2b . He shot down one and drove off the other. He then shot down a 3rd despite being wounded . Tradically he and his Observer were killed the following year when their BE2 e broke up in a snow storm ..

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To my knowledge, there is no such place as 'Beston' in Berwickshire - I think it will have been Reston or (less likely) Preston.

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This is his last resting place presumably some of the family moved to Canada and he returned to join the British Army

It is Reston Berwickshire easily misread .


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Thank you Ian A & The Majors batman for identifying the location correctly and yes it looked like a "B" or a "R" .

Will update my headstone info in Grange Cemetery Edinburgh with the Reston , Berwickshire

pat w anderson

(in memory of my namesake Uncle Lt P W Anderson , Black Watch , 18 Sqn RFC RAF died of wounds arbroath scotland )

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