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Beaunont Hamel Defences 1917


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Does anyone have any information relating to the Beaumont Hamel defences during the early part of 1917, ie map locations etc or any description of where the front line fell, or any leads where to locate info, anything appreciated

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This interactive map of the Battle of the Somme shows the final line in November 1916, and from what I can see, appears to be the same situation

in early 1917




Map (Linesman) Feb 1917


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This is an extract from the official German Situation Map, dated 27 Jan 17 and based on aerial photography and troop reports. I am afraid that it is only a B&W copy of a map I found in Munich, but it still easy to see where the GE lines ran (thick black line round Serre then SSE for 1,000 m bfore swinging more or less east south of Pt 717. I hope that this helps a little.



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Jack, Tom, many thanks for the replies it is much appreciated, i have an extract from the 20th Manchesters war diary and they were active in what is described as the Beaumont Hamel defences and mentions several posts (example proceeded to post 29 etc)so this will give me a start tp possibly find locations etc, again many thanks, Geoff

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