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Remembered Today:

Well-dressing and remembrance


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Taken by a friend who has given me permission to post it here: well-dressing at Ashford-in-the-Water


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Beautiful! I thought you said you couldn't post pictures on this forum. That one's a cracker of a start. Antony

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Hi Antony, sorry, got confused between whole forum and sub-forum - I have been able to link pictures on Culture and Memorials but not when starting a new thread in Skindles. Maybe I'm missing something.

Glad you like this one anyway - I'll tell Sonya (my friend who took the photo).

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I think that in Skindles one can only "link" to an externally hosted picture.

It can be done, theres a thread (steam train names ?) thats has loads of piccy in it.

It was explained, but I can't find that bit :angry2:

But I'm sure Mr Ney will share his secret at a price


Ps, nice well dressing, is it embroided ?

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