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French submarines


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These two photographs come from the George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress) USA.



[Details of the depot ship can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_battleship_Jaur%C3%A9guiberry]

The Gallipoli Association web-site informs that the following French subs., took part in the campaign:

Bernouilli, Joule, Mariotte, Saphir & Turquoise

Can anyone add to this list?

French submarine losses in this theatre (per http://www.gwpda.org/naval/sml00004.htm) were as follows:

15/ January 1915 Saphir (Q 44) Dardanelles Narrows damaged by accidental grounding at 200 feet; gunned by Turkish shore batteries and scuttled by her officers.

1/ May 1915 Joule (Q 84) Dardanelles Narrows, off Kephez probably lost by minehit

26/ July 1915 Mariotte (Q 74) Dardanelles Narrows, off Chanak (Canakkale) damaged by accidental grounding; gunned by Turkish shore batteries and scuttled by her officers.

30/ October 1915 Turquoise (Q 46) Dardanelles Narrows grounded on a shoal; damaged by Turkish gunfire, beached; captured by the Turkish, renamed Mustecip Ombashi, but not commissioned.

[note: post the 1915/16 campaign - 2/ August 1918 Floréal (Q 54) off Mudros collision with HM armed boarding steamer Hazel. ]

The Mariotte was such a striking design (usually described as a 'one-off') that I do not think (?) that she is either of the two above


NB: the above picture is covered by © 1914-1918

Can anyone identify the two French submarines shown with their depot ship?



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the right one is ARAGO (pennant "AR"), based at Mudros from 15.06. - 04.10.1915.

The sub on the left is an type EMERAUDE, leaving TOPAZE and TURQUOISE as an possibility. Both of them at Mudros that time.

The JAUREGUIBERRY at that time was an battleship (an old one to be true), might be the ship in the background on the left side of the picture, not the one the two sub's are alongside...


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Many thanks for the above; that's very useful

And thanks for the correction on the depot ship

As you suggest, it is indeed far more likely that the JAUREGUIBERRY is the old battleship seen in the middle distance

Thanks again


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As well as "ARAGO (pennant "AR"), based at Mudros from 15.06. - 04.10.1915"

you also mention TOPAZE as being a possibility for one of the subs shown in the photographs;

Do you have information on the dates when she was at Mudros?


Having added these two new names to the list of French submarines involved in the Dardanelles campaign,

do you know of any more which are missing from the list which I quoted in post #1 ?



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Hi Michael,

11.11.1914 to 17.04.1915 = LE VERRIER

11.11.1914 to 01.03.1915 = FARADAY

21.11.1914 to 16.01.1915 & 07.06.1915 to 20.08.1915 = CIRCE

~18.02.1915 to 04.06.1915 = COULOMB

17.04.1915 to 08.09.1915 = BERNOULLI

19.08.1915 to 27.12.1915 = TOPAZE (but no patrol, engine trouble)


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