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Should I add a clasp to these medals


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Allen or is it ALLEN, thats ok and if it was previously attached then there is no problem, if he hadn't claimed it then it shouldn't have been added to the star.

And as for publications yes there are some very good books and I have most of them but never treat anything as difinitive, the answer to this issue obviously isn't easy for some but for some of us it is obvious./quote]

I find all the replies and comments most interesting.As regards to my own family history,the only person who would know all the details would have been my father.who died 70 years ago.

I have to go by ARMY records. The M.I.C. and the 1914 STAR MEDAL ROLL both list clasp and roses for my father,.

On available information i am satisfied with my decision to obtain a clasp..


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Then there is no problem whatsoever, I would display them with pride.

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