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11th Northumberland Fusiliers


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My partner's great grandfather served with the 11th Northumberland Fusiliers and fought through the Somme until wounded and transferred. Resultantly I have begun to research the battalions participation in the battle of the Somme 1916. I would love to hear from anyone who had family members who served with the Battalion, or anyone who has any information, anecdotes, photos or stories regarding this unit and its men during this period.

Many thanks

Dave Hall

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His Bn was part of 68 Brigade of 23 Division and the Long Long Trail,at top left of this page,gives a summary of the Division's actions on the Somme in 1916:


If you post your subject's name you are likely to get more information,his Medal Card will show where he was transferred to and there might be a record still available.


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Thanks for your reply Sotonmate,

I have previously posted his details and I got a lot of help from the forum members, his name was George Beattie, I have a copy of his medal card and as much info as I'm likely to find on him. He was wounded several times, was transferred to 23rd NF (3rd Tyneside Scottish) round the end of 1916 and was eventually discharged in 1917 after being wounded at Arras.

However he sparked my interest in the 11th NF and I'm now looking to expand my research further. From researching various sources, battalion war diary, cwgc, MIC's etc, I have managed to find around 300 officers and men who were either with the battalion on arrival in France or were present during the battalions four and a bit months of fighting on the Somme, a lot of these men are reinforcements who arrived during that period, and about 80% of those traced were killed in action or died of wounds. I am far from being an expert and if anyone can give me any advice on this subject I would be extremely grateful.

Many Thanks

Dave Hall

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