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Hello - I was in the French Alps at a wedding last week and noticed the local War Memorial for WWI in Morzine. It has 69 names on it. 14 names are from the same family - "Baud." It seems this extended family made a huge sacrifice. Fully one in five men on this memorial came from the same family.Two other families had 6 family members each named on the war memorial - "Rosset" and "Taberlet".

The Montagnard families in this part of France seemed to have clan names, rather like the Scottish clan names, but nevertheless the locals tell me that the 14 Baud men were all directly related. I am sure there are War Memorials all over the world with high levels of family sacrifice. It was quite thought provoking to see such a high concentration of family names. MG

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It's something I've noticed on memorials in the UK too. In the village I grew up in in Hertfordshire there's one family named several times on the sections for both the first world war and the second world war, and the family still lives in the village.

When they say "the male population of a whole village was nearly wiped out" they really aren't exaggerating, some tiny places have more names than you'd think on their memorials :(

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In the church of St Peters Woolton Liverpool there is a Boer War and Great War Memorial to two Brothers who died in these conflicts.Another relative died in the Great War but is not mentioned on any Memorial.In the Churchyard is a grave to their neice who died in W W 2.Another two nephews died in W.W.2 one serving in the R.A and another in the F.A.A. Three Wars Six casualties one Family.

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regarding another posting on the Wanaka memorial i was trying to help answer, came across this photo showing the sacifice of the Jenkins family in the tiny village of Arrowtown NZ.

The wife family had 5 cousins out of 7 serving killed in WW1 from 3 families, 1 Gallipoli, 2 Somme, 2 Salient (Francis Storey on the Menin Gate), 3 serving in the NZEF and two who were on a working holiday in Australia at the time signed up with the AIF as they could not get back to NZ.

4 were main body men and there is a great letter back from one of them, that he had found his brothers (AIF) ship in the convoy by morse code lamps and 'had a good old chat'. between the NZ ship and the AIF ship in the Indian ocean... it must have been at that stage a great adventure, they tee'd up to met in Egypt when they docked.

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