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L/CPL W P Willmott


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Hi all,

Would anyone be able to find Lance corporal Wilfred Percy Willmott's obituary and let me know what it says or send me the picture of it by PM-ing me for my email address.

I have previously found my other g/g uncles obituary from one site but it did not have Wilfred's one, so i need help! it would be much appreciated.


Yana poppy.gif

Hi again, I have his medal card below but don't know what some of the letters and numbers (as indicated) mean (basically the whole image details) so if anyone can help that would be great.

By the way a huge thank you to all those who have already answered my queries!


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Initials:W P

Nationality:United Kingdom

Rank:Lance Corporal

Regiment/Service:Royal Fusiliers

Unit:32nd Bn.

Date of Death:15/09/1916

Service No:14150

Casualty Type:Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference:Pier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A.


SDGW adds:

Birthplace: Leytonstonespacer.gif

Residence: Leytonstone

spacer.gifEnlisted: Stratford


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Do you know if it says anywhere when he enlisted? (wont be in CWGC and i dont have access to sites like ancestry if you do?)

Thanks for your help either way


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Grant has already put the Soldiers Died locations on his post Born/resident/enlisted


Oh so is that the only information on him, i'ts just i really need the date he enlisted as I am doing a project based upon enlistment and when they enlisted (ha kinda cant do it without the date!). oh well i'll have to find it somewhere else.

Thanks anyway

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Think you need to see the Medal Roll at Kew for the enlistment date if no record survives.


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His number is more accurately GS/14150 (the GS/ is important as it signifies War-Time enlistments, and differentiates the number from the Regular series which would have issued the number 14150 around about 1910).

The GS/14150 seems to have been issued about 16th March 1915:

From Service & Pension records:

GS/14148 Walter Bradley: Issued 16-3-1915

GS/14152 William Dean: issued 16-3-1915

GS/14159 Albert Tiley: Issued 18-3-1915

The caveat is that there were sometimes exceptions to every rule, but the 16th March 1915 seems likely to be his date of enlistment. This also assumes that he did not enlist with another regiment and then transfer to the Royal Fusiliers on that date.

The Royal Fusiliers medal rolls will usually tell you the dates a man served overseas between so it is well worth looking at those at the National Archives. It would seem likely that he landed in France with the original contingent of the 32nd Royal Fusiliers on 5th May 1916, but you should always double check.


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Think you need to see the Medal Roll at Kew for the enlistment date if no record survives.

The Medal Roll is extremely unlikely to give an enlistment date, these tend to only be on the Rolls for the Silver War Badge which is not relevant in this case. As it's the Royal Fusiliers though it will give the dates that he served overseas and with which battalions.

On the assumption that he was a General Service enlistment then a quick search of Ancestry shows that #14150 is likely to have been issued around the 16th March 1915.

#14148 Attested & Approved 16th March 1915.

#14152 Attested & Approved 16th March 1915.

#14156 Attested 12th March 1915/Approved 18th March 1915.

#14163 Attested & Approved 17th March 1915.

#14185 Attested & Approved 20th March 1915.

As can be seen from #14156 there are exceptions to the rule as far as the issuing of numbers is concerned.



edit: Stebie obviously beat me to it whilst I was typing my reply but at least we agree :D

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It's great what all of you have written because although it is only a rough date to enlist, its good that you all agree which means that is the most likely date of enlistment.

Very grateful, as you can see from my previous posts here this info is important to me and I never would have found it out myself!

Yana (yay!)w00t.png

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Does anyone know what those letters and numbers mean on the medal card at the top?

I have no idea!blink.gif

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