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German Cemetaries in France


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I was flicking through my Before Endeavours Fade this morning looking at some of the pictures of the German cemetaries in France. I fell to wondering how these came about. Presumably, at the end of the Great War, the Germans were not the most popular people in France! How then did they make arrangements for their war dead? One might have expected the French to rebuff any approach and perhaps even to require the repatriation of all of the dead given the death and destruction that the war had wrought. They might have taken the view that no French soil would remain 'occupied' by Germans; even in death.

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At the end of the war there were as many German Cemeteries as British cemeteries, the German ones were gathered up and concentrated into the large cemeteries that we have today, this took place over a number of decades, as some had leases in place and when these expired they were moved. this happened right through the WW2 and into the 50s


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