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HENRY COSBY RHFA (Dates and Brigades added)


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Hi guys

I have been researching my Grandfather "HENRY COSBY" RHFA army number 24555, and am totally confused by all the different brigades and battery numbers he served with,would anyone be able to do a run down of the brigades he was with and what battles they fought in?

kind regards


1902 119th Brigade then 90th Brigade in South Africa

1905 section B reserve in England

1914 45th Brigade

1915 19th Battery in 9th Brigade in France

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Hi Jim,

All a bit confusing,looking just at WW1 it seems from his MIC he didn't go to France until 18/3/15 where 9th

Brigade RFA were part of the 7th (Indian Ex Force) Meerut divison who fought at as best as I can see at Aubers Ridge,Festubert and Loos in 1915.

I don't know what he was doing in 1914 as 45th Brigade were part of 8th Division who went to France Nov 1914

but this man is not in France until the following March at least acc to his MIC.

Can't help with the earlier dates.


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I would note that the prewar postings reflect the batteries he was posted to, not the Brigades - starting in Exeter and then posted to South Africa (Ladysmith I think..). If you want more details of 1902-5 i can fill a few gaps/details...

Having been recalled as a mobilised reservist in 1914 - it is odd that he did not go to France with 45th Brigade - so effectively has 2-3 months unaccounted for, prior to his posting to a Reserve Brigade and then to France. As the surviving online documents are a 'Duplicate' set, it seems,I wonder if in fact there is a mistake in the copied summary of his post-1914 postings.. in my experience this is not unknown - where a clerk puts a wrong date, or omits or transposes something. There should surely be a posting between 45th Brigade and the Reserve Brigade in early 1915 (as he did not go to France before 1915). A spell in hospital would be one possibility ...we most commonly see regulars arriving in Reserve Brigades in early 1915 after they have been wounded or got hospitalised sick in the early battles of 1914..

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He re-engaged 10 July 1914. There's a stamp on his papers "Mobilised at Woolwich 5 Aug 1914" with a handwritten note "142 Bty 2/8" and a file note "45 Bde Posted 18.8.14". Does that help?

EDIT: following page "Home 6.4.05 - 17.8.15".

Then: "2B Res Bde 4.2.15 and 4B Res Bde 12.3.15" before finally heading to France with the BEF.

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Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to reply

any further info from 1902-1905 would be great battiscombe

I got those dates and brigades from a guy called Alan Greaveson on Circlecity forum,who kindly did a run down of my grandfathers army service.

I have been trying to post a copy of what he said, hopefully for some experts on here to fill in the gaps but cant seem to do it!

again many thanks for the replys

kind regards


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