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Medical units on the Somme October 1916


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Am trying to track down the location of an injury to a tank crewman on the Somme

He was wounded on 25 September and evacuated down the medical chain.

Could any medical guru confirm where the 14 Div Main Dressing Station and 24 CCS were located on 25 and 26 September

Thanks in advance

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Hi Malcolm

Thanks for the link to the Mother site.

I did check before I posted my question as it only shows the location of 24 CCS after the battle of the Somme had ended

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Evening Delta.

Where was he wounded? I presume with your interests, in the southern aspect of the Somme battlefield?

If this is the case, i would suggest initial evacuation via Meaulte, Dernancourt and on down the chain, Heilly etc.

Best wishes.


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Morning Chris

Sorry I missed your post.

The man in question is Gnr William Dyer of C Coy and I don't know where he was injured.

Like most of the Coy, we also don't know in which tank he was serving and I was hoping that the names of the medical units might provide a clue.

There were two actions in which the tanks were used on 25 September; the main one was around Thiepval but there was also an action near Geudeecourt and Morval.

Based on your anwwer, it looks like the latter

Many thanks

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