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15th Durham Light Infantry, Battle of Aisne, May 1918

Harrys Cousin

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Can anyone provide me with information on the whereabouts of the 15th Battalion DLI at the start of the Battle of the Aisne in May 1918? The soldier and dates I am interested in are

Private Harry Reginald Pope 15th Battalion Durham Light Infantry No. 45200 Date of death: May 27th 1918 I’d like to know approximately where the battalion was located on the date in question.

I know my relative was wounded, evacuated to a dressing station, died of his wounds, and is buried at Terlincthun Cemetary near Wimereux, Boulogne.

Thanks Jon

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Hello Jon

Welcome to the great war fourm, Have you tried the LLT for information ( Top left on your Screen)



Or try this site world war history


Best regards


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Hi Jon

Welcome to the Forum

The 15th were just north East of Cauroy which itself is about 2 miles south of the Aisne. They were the reserve battalion of 64th Brigade so he was probably wounded in the bombardment before the actual attack. Also, if he died on the 27th some way back he might have been wounded a day or two before, again probably from artillery fire.


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The Battalion was in camp at Chalons le Verguer and at 1am on the 27th May it suffered a mustard gas bombardment. However, if your relative died at Boulogne, it's very likely that he received his wounds quite some time earlier. Around the 26th April they were in trenches in the vicinity of Kemmel village, during which spell of duty they suffered 290 casualties, and on relief moved away from the front, not being involved again until moving into the line near Hermonville on May 13th. According to the historian "In their shirt-sleeves the Durhams went about their trench duties and basked in the sun."

No mention of action between that date and the 27th is made.

I would hazard a guess that he was wounded at Kemmel



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My thanks to Ian, Jim & Martin

I appreciate your knowledge and expertise. I'm off to visit Harry Pope's grave tomorrow morning.

Kind regards

Jon Pope

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