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Could anyone tell me if the 10th KOYLI took part in the battle of the Somme. A great uncle of mine served with them and was registered as wounded -7-1916 returning to depot on 6-7-1916. Was he wounded on the first day of the Somme?


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They were involved in the attack on Fricourt on 1st July as part of 64 Brigade, 21st Division. Their war diary is very brief:

The British offensive commenced, this battalion leading the 64th Brigade assault. They left the trenches at 7.30 a.m. and took Crucifix Trench that morning and held it till early the next when they were relieved by the 1st Lincolns.




Capt C R Heygate

Lt J W Bamber

2nd Lt J Andrew

2nd Lt K J P Asher

2nd Lt A C Cockroft

2nd Lt J A A Fountain

2nd Lt M E J Maude

2nd Lt L F Sharp

2nd Lt G F N Wilkinson

Lt R S M Beatson

Wounded 16

Other ranks

Killed 50

Wounded 292

Missing 135

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Ray Westlake's 'Tracing British battalions on the Somme' is good for this and gives you a move-by-move account for every single battalion, of every regiment.

I'll not copy it out here. Suffice to say that during the Battles of the Somme the battalion lost 49 officers and 1097 other ranks as casualties. Over 100% of the establishment strength.


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I have always taken some issue with that calculation, awful as it is they were no worse than other Bn's, as you say the 10th Bn may have had that many struck off strength as casualties but it is fairly meaningless if the figure doesn't take into acount those wounded who returned to unit.

If we take the dates of the Battles of the Somme as 1st July to 18th November 1916 the 10th Bn KOYLI lost as killed - 19 Officers including attached and 331 O/R's.

8th KOYLI lost a total of 389 officers and O/R's

9th KOYLI lost 358

10th KOYLI lost 350

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