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Touring the Eastern Front-Has Anyone Done It?


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Hi All,

Just curious if anyone has done this and what itinerary you chose? I believe Lemberg/Lviv is worth a visit in its own right plus the advantage for me is I might

be able to tie it in with a trip to Vienna for music (my other addiction).

And there's another question,is there any WW1 stuff in Vienna worth seeking out?

Best Wishes,Liam

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Guest exuser1

Twice done St Petersberg on a cruise of Baltic ,and a few places in Talin worth seeing for RN ,but best bit as ship goes in to St PetersBerg you cruise past all the Russian forts attacked in 1918/19 by RN and the old naval base attacked by the motor boats at Kornstadat ,which is impressive now looks like a boat yard falling to bits ,also Helsinki the major fort in the bay as a lot of 1918/19 bits ,and at the otherend if you get to Sebastopol in the Crimea apart from the obvious the Black seas Fleet museum is worth a look and on a saturday a collectors market in the town turns up a few imperial bits .

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I looked into this a few weeks ago while planning my summer getaway. However, I have since decided on a much more extensive WF tour.

Nevertheless, I would recommend flying to Krakow. A short train ride from here would give you the battlefields of the German offensives between Tarnow and Gorlice. A slightly further ride would also put you in the vicinity of the fortress Przemysl which would be well worth a visit.

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Hi, if you're visiting Vienna you shouldn't miss the Heergeschichtliches Museum - this contains the bullet-riddled car (and clothing) of Archduke Franz Ferdinand when he was killed at Sarajevo: http://www.hgm.or.at/sarajevo.html?&L=1

There are many other interesting exhibits relating to the First World War and Austro-Hungarian military history in general.

Cheers, JT

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