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11 July, 1914

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"Sir H. Rumbold to Sir Edward Grey (Received July 13)


Berlin, July 11, 1914


I have had the honour to receive your Despatch No.214, Secret, of the 6th instant, recording the observations made to you privately by the German Ambassador in respect, amongst other matters, of the situation arising for Germany out of the murder of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand....When the news of the murders at Serajevo became known there was evidently anxiety in official quarters lest the Austro-Hungarian Government might take some precipitate action against Servia which would have far-reaching consequences....The practical absence at first of detailed speculation in the German Press as to what might happen between Austria-Hungary and Servia was an indication that the situation was difficult for Germany. The papers merely printed telegrams from Vienna, reporting that some immediate steps were in contemplation at Belgrade. When, however, it was announced that the Austro-Hungarian Government were going to await the results of the investigations at Serajevo before taking action, a feeling of relief was noticeable...

The Press have discussed the situation much more freely within the last day or two. The general upshot of their remarks is that Austro-Hungary cannot indefinitely tolerate the state of things prevailing on her Servian frontier. Hard things are said about Servia and the Servians, and it is freely assumed by some papers that the latter will shelter themselves behind the big Slav brother. There is a consensus of opinion that Germany will and must stand by her ally in this matter. I aked Herr von Jagow at his weekly reception what news he had from Servia. He replied that he had none, but added that if the Servian press continued to use the language it did, matters would become serious.

I have & c.

Horace Rumbold"

(My bold)


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