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47 Squadron RAF, South Russia


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47 Squadron to "A" Squadron

Several authors, including Collishaw, have made reference to the 1st October 1919 renaming of No 47 Squadron to that of "A" Squadron. This transfer required members of the squadron to sign a form volunteering anew for South Russian service with General Anton Denikin's Army. I have never been able to trace this letter/document and am hoping that some member of the GWF will be able to throw more light on this topic for me. Did such a letter exist and, if so, where is it likely to be held?

Thanks in advance


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See "Gone to Russia to Fight" by John Smith, available on Amazon. Smith used the squadron combat diary and other records to reconstruct the events of 47 Squadron and it's personnel in Russia. Contained within the book's bibliography are locations of original record sources which could point you in the right direction. "Racing Ace- The Fights and Flights of Samuel "Kink" Kinkead" by Julian Lewis (a Member of Parliament) is also available on Amazon and touches on the subject in question. Both of these books have been recently published.

And while on the subject of new books, Aten and Orrmont's "Last Train over Rostov Bridge" has just been published in a new edition. This edition greatly expands on the original edition from 50 years ago. Besides containing many never-before-published photos and notes/interviews from the collection of Marion Aten and George Treloar ( an officer attached to the British Mission in Taganrog during the RCW), it also contains three new appendices (one of which consists of letters from Ray Collishaw to Marion's sister Imogen, written shortly after Marion's death), a new introduction, a short biography section that includes the officers of B Flight (among others) and a section of notes relating to the original text that expands on the historical context and points out where the narrative strays from historical accuracy (and why).


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Hello Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

Appreciate what you have to say and can confirm that I have a copy of 'Gone To Russia To Fight,' which is an excellent book.

The 'signed form' for service with Denikin's army is a document I would very much like to get hold of. It is mentioned in several books and I don't doubt its existence but nevertheless would like to know if it does exist. I need to make more enquiries.

Thanks also for the lead on the new edition of Marion Aten's book. Have just placed an order for a copy.



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