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B Battery 122 Brigade RFA


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I would appreciate any information that may be available on the location of B Battery 122 Brigade in 1918 and up to the time that they returned to England on 4 March 1919.


Mick E

Researching 7598 Gnr C.E. Eaton RFA

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This was a Howitzer brigade, and a unit of the 38th (Welsh) Division, whose WW1 history is available in reprint form from Naval & Military Press. Another covering the joint operations of the 33rd and 38th Divisions is likewise available for the last couple of months of the War.

The Division's RFA units were separated off from the main body & had a hectic time during the German Spring offensive of 1918, before rejoining them later on the Somme for the final offensives of August-November 1918.


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Don't think this was a howitzer Bde at this time as all Bdes had been reformed to 1 Batt of 4.5 howitzers and remaining Batteries of 18 pounders.

Start of German Spring offensive in 1918 they were in Armentiers covering 34 Div infantry. Good account in 'History of the 38th (Welsh) Division by Lt Col Munby ISBN 1-8434-583-1.

Currently researching the Div Arty and would be gratefull of any info you may have on it's members



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