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Balkan Breakthrough: The Battle of Dobro Polo 1918

Robert Dunlop

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A very interesting book. It covers the background history of the conflicts in the Balkans from a Bulgarian perspective. This includes the First and Second Balkan Wars, when Bulgarian aspirations around Macedonia were completely scuppered.

Hall then covers the diplomatic efforts that preceded the Bulgarian decision to side with the Alliance. Of particular note, the British were hoping that Bulgaria would join the Entente, attacking Turkey via Thrace. This would have been a replay of the First Balkan War and would have had a tremendous impact on the Gallipoli campaign.

When Bulgaria entered the war, it quickly occupied Macedonia again. The focus of the last part of the book is on the Battle of Dobro Polo, which took place in the final weeks of the war. After years of declining morale and resupply, the Bulgarian army around Dobro Polo collapsed under the Serbian-French offensive. A breakout occurred that ultimately forced Bulgaria to sue for peace. Hall touches on the connection with the German efforts in the Spring offensives, as well as the souring of the relationship between the German and Bulgarian military commands.

Recommended, despite several grammatical errors that slipped through the proofing stage. It should be read along with the books on the British at Salonika and the wider Ottoman efforts, such as Edward Erickson's books.


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I have purchased this book, along with Blood on the Snow (Tunstall) and Breakthrough Gorlice-Tarnow (DiNardo). Have yet to start but am looking forward to all three.

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