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Sherwood Foresters with a transfer to RFC/RAF


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I was hoping some kind soul on here could help me once again. I've been doing quite well left to my own devices for a few weeks and have suddenly hit another brick wall!

I received my great grandfather's RAF Service record today and have been mulling it over for a good couple of hours. I had a topic regarding him here http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=162784&st=0&p=1581381&fromsearch=1entry1581381

On the RAF record it states that he served in the army: "Man Service 29.5.16 for the duration of war".

He entered into the RFC 28.12.17, then the RAF, when it came into being, on 1.4.18.

It says "Prior Engagement in H.M Forces: Rifle Brigade, from 8L4R to 15.4.14". This doesn't make much sense to me, especially since I have no idea what 8L4R means, or even if that's what it does indeed say - I have been known to get things wrong!

On the other sheet of paper it says he was in France with the RFC from 28.12.17 to 29.1.19 and was, after being at a CCS and general hospital for a few days, sent home to England via hospital ship suffering from influenza.

He was transferred to RAF G Reserve on 27.3.19 and was discharged from service on 30.4.20.

It also says that he was serving in France from 27.8.16 to 28.12.17 with the Sherwood Foresters, so at least I know which regiment he was attached to in the army BUT can't I find any clues from this little bit of info his RAF records have given us as to which unit or brigade he would have been with?

The papers state he was with the Rifle Brigade from 15.4.14, yet it says his "current service" at the time of moving to the RFC began on 29.5.16... I assume this is when he joined the Sherwood Foresters? And if so, what is the Rifle Brigade about? His brother was also in the Sherwood Foresters and had been in the MGC... http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=163135&st=0&p=1585363&fromsearch=1entry1585363

Next to "Sherwood Foresters" it gives the number 49497. Is this his service number for the Sherwood Foresters? I'm just a bit confused because this number is in a column entitled "authority"...

He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, which my brother has, but my mum remembers my great grandfather saying he spent some time in India during the war and would complain every time someone made a "rubbish" British curry... I can't see anything that would suggest he was in India from these recent records - they just state France. Or is there something I'm maybe missing from when he was apparently with the Rifle Brigade in 1914?

I've had a quick look for his army service papers but can't seem to find them, although I successfully found his brother's. I can't even find his medal index card for the issuing of the BWM and Vic M but then I don't know whether he'd have had one if he'd been transferred to the RAF?

A note in the "Movements" section of his RAF papers states that his "Cas card" was "destroyed 9.2.21". I his casualty card was destroyed does this mean everything else was?

I get easily confused with all this and have tried to find any more army papers relating to him with no luck. If he was discharged in 1920 the MOD won't have anything on him will they? I was a bit disappointed that the RAF record lacks a lot of information so if I'm missing anything here or anyone can offer any further information to make the new information I now have a bit more clearer I'd really, really appreciate it!

Thank you!


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Just to add, in case it's any help, above the "Extract from War Cas Card" on his RAF record, which just states he had influenza and that he was at 44 CCS and 53 Gen Hospital, it says "Docs sent to M of P 7.8.19"... Documents sent to Ministry of Pensions?? It says on the MOD site they only hold army records for those that ended service in 1922 and after... Am I even looking in the right places?! Very frustrating!!

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