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Balloon markings


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Looking through the photos I have copies of I note the following

  1. None show Allied (British French, Italian or American) balloons (Drachen or Cacquot types) with any national markings
  2. Apart from a few (see below) all Central powers (Germany KuK and Bulgarian) balloons (Drachen or Cacquot types) bear the cross (pattée style)
  3. There are a few German Drachen type that have no cross but from the style of uniform of the ground crew these are very early in the war or possibly even pre war.
  4. No balloon has the later Greek style cross.

Does anyone know why only one side bothered with national markings?

BTW does anyone know of a way of distinguishing between Prussian army balloons and Bavarian army ones?

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There are several photographs of Russian balloons flying the Air Service flag as a means of identification.


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