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HMS Centurion or HMS Marlborough


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Hi all, I'm new to genealogy, and am trying to trace my Grandfather Ernest Gard, service number J24321 who served with the Royal Navy throughout WW1, I managed to find his service record on the National Archives, which states he served on the HMS Centurion from Apr 1914 till 20 Aug 1919 and the HMS Marlborough from March 1919 till Nov 1920 he was on the Marlborough when it was involved in the evacuation of the Russian Royal family in April 1919.

What I'm confused about is the mysterious blank listed From August 1917 to 10 March 1919 it is possible the dot relating to this period is a ditto mark and he was on the Centurion the whole time, but according to other records he was not being paid by the Navy at this time. He did speak to my father about a long painful march with thousands of troops and naval men in Russia where all apart from 7 died from cold, starvation or illness. Ernest told my father of the absolute horror of seeing a man die from starvation.

If anyone could shed any light on this blank in his service record, or the Russian episode, it would be gratefully received.

Kat cooper

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