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Remembered Today:

Looking information - D.McCormack R.I.Fus and A.J.Compelli R.I.Reg.


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Hi guys,

I am looking any information about the teo following soldiers:

1. Daniel McCormack, G-1884, Royal Irish Fusiliers

2. Anthony J Compelli, 12007, Royal Irish Regiment, lived 11 Summer Hill, Dublin.

I have their Medal Index Cards only - I presume bouth were new recruits and entitled for a pair only. I am not able to locate them on Irish census - McCormack's name is too common and Compelli (sounds Italian :blink: ) is not in there (but his MIC conifrms he lived in Dublin) probably moved here after the war?

Any help and ideas how to research these to privates would be great!

Kind Regards,

Timo aka Noor

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Hi finished write-up regarding Anthony Compelli (Served in 5th Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment. Died in Dublin Dec 1947).

Now, regarding Daniel McCormack, I know now that he served with the 2nd Garrison Battalion. This unit was formed in Dublin in April 1916. I know that at least one men got killed during the Easter Rising. However, I can't find out where they based in Dublin during this time, who was battallion commander, how much so fresh unit was involved in action in end of April in Dublin.

Also of course if any of you have some details about the person above, please let me know.

Kind Regards,


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There was a Tipperaryman, Daniel McCormack, KIA Sept, 1916, born 1884, with the Canadians.



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1916 Rebellion Handbook lists Colonel Sir Frederick Shaw DSO as Commanding Officer of the 2nd (Garrison) Battalion RI Fusiliers and mentions him entering and leaving Beggars Bush Barracks.


2 batches of casualties are listed for the Royal Irish Fusiliers. 1 batch lists 9 killed and 29 wounded; the second entry lists 2 killed and 6 wounded. No info listed in these about battalion. One dead, J Cullen, is listed as from Belfast.

Re Compelli, there's a birth/death record for an Anthony Compelli in Dublin, 1926. The electoral register for 1939/40 has Anthony and Mary Compelli in Cashel Rd, Terenure. My gt grandfather Joseph Niland and family lived at 32 Summer Hill.

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Thank you so much jdoyle regarding McCormack's battalion info! I will look into it this weekend!

Regarding Compelli - to you know how and where I can see his birth/death records if these are available?

Small world - I picked up two medals on period of month; Compelli lived in 20s 11 Summer Hill (written on his MIC) and my last pick up - Private Thomas Deegan, Royal Irish Rifles, Mons star owner, wounded 5 times.... He was your ancestry neighbor - 33 Summer Hill !!!!

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familysearch gives hints as to births, marriages and deaths. I did a search for Compelli, Ireland and got a few hits.

Name:Anthony CompelliRegistration District:Dublin NorthEvent Type:DEATHSRegistration Quarter and Year:Jan - Mar 1926Estimated Birth Year:1926Age (at Death):0

to tie in with the write up on boards.ie :

Name:James CompelliRegistration District:Dublin NorthEvent Type:BIRTHSRegistration Quarter and Year:Oct - Dec 1928Estimated Birth Year:Age (at Death):Mother's Maiden Name:McMahon

Name:Emma M CompelliRegistration District:Dublin NorthEvent Type:BIRTHSRegistration Quarter and Year:Jan - Mar 1937Estimated Birth Year:Age (at Death):Mother's Maiden Name:McMahon

Name:Bernard CompelliRegistration District:Dublin NorthEvent Type:BIRTHSRegistration Quarter and Year:Apr - Jun 1934Estimated Birth Year:Age (at Death):Mother's Maiden Name:McMahon

there are several others in Dublin where the mother's maiden name is McMahon. Anthony, Mary, James and his wife are listed as buried in Glasnevin with dates of death at


No birth, marriage or death record found online so far for Anthony or Mary.

Summer Hill appears to have had quite a few who joined the British Army during WW1 and quite a few who followed the republican cause. For all occupants though, it was effectively a slum dwelling. The Compelli's appear to moved to Terenure and my Niland's moved around the corner to Harold's Cross. Both much more rural at the edge of Dublin at that time. My family are still there.

Colonel Sir Frederick William Shaw DSO appeared as a character witness at the courtmartial of Capt Colthurst.

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Max Caulfield in "The Easter Rebellion" mentions that the CO of Beggar's Bush Barracks, Col Frederick Shaw, "nabbed" a platoon from Capt H C White's A Company, Sherwood Foresters, to help defend the barracks.

One of the witness statements taken by the Bureau of Military History was that of Captain Gerrard of the RFA. He'd been on leave in Dublin at the time of the Rising and bumped into Col Shaw who directed Capt Gerrard to go to Beggar's Bush Barracks. Gerrard mentions that the barrack was staffed by Col Shaw, himself, 2 other officers, 4 NCOs and 10 men. He doesn't mention if the troops were Royal Irish Fusiliers or not - Quarter Master Sgt Gamble who was killed when on a foray with Gerrard was Royal Irish Rifles according to CWGC


Sadly no names of any other soldiers in the garrison. Lots of info re the Dublin VTC men who took refuge in Beggar's Bush following their ambush is in the 1916 Rebellion Handbook.

Todd Andrews was another Summerhill lad of the era who moved out to Terenure :


Don't know the date but not too far off 1916 I think, a photo with some of the Summerhill kids and houses :


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I hopefully get McCormack's SWB inputs soon, maybe it gives me more hints for a research. Anyway, information about the Garrison battalion is great - as I said, I wasn't able to find alost anything on online but now I have some starting points.

Thanks again! I will have to look again into Anthony's records for update. I located his records on Glasnevin trust web some time ago but I will have to try to get his brith records as well. Below is my initial write-up what I did about him.

Anthony J Compelli (1899 – 5th December 1947)


5th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers), Royal Irish Regiment

Victory Medal named to “12007 PTE.A.J.COMPELLI.R.IR.REGT

Victory Medal (Roll A/101 B16 Page 2367)

British War Medal (Roll A/101 B16 Page 2367)

Anthony Compelli enlisted probably around 1915 into the service under the New Army (Kitchener’s Army) Scheme where each man would sign up for "general service" terms of three years or the duration of the war (whichever was the longer) and would agree to serving anywhere the army needed them (4/5).

After medical examination he was accepted fit for a front line service and sent as a Private to the 5th Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, what was formed at Clonmel, Co. Tipperary in August 1914. His Regimental Number was 12007.

It is hard to narrow down when exactly he enlisted because of his age at this time. There is a large chance that he was later enlisted and attached to the unit after first Battalion operations as a part of Mediterranean Expeditionary Forces.

After formation, Battalion was attached to 29th Brigade, 10th (Irish) Division (2). During the formation, June 1915 5th Battalion was converted to the Pioneer Battalion of the same Division.

The battalion was embarked at Liverpool and sailed to Gallipoli where, as part of General Sir Frederick Stopford's IX Corps, landed at Suvla Bay on 7th August 1915. 5th Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, the Divisional Pioneers, was first assigned to beach duty. During this time his unit saw bitter action on the landing, Battle of Sari Bair, Capture of Chocolate Hill and on the “Hill 60” (7).

30th September 1915 Battalion was moved to Salonika as a part of 10th (Irish) Division. In there they were engaged in the capture of the Karajokois, and the capture of Yenikoi (7/8).

After that the 5th Battalion was moved with the Division to Egypt - Palestine on the 18th August 1917, where they were involved in the Third Battle of Gaza, the Capture of the Sheria Position and the Capture of Jerusalem (7/8).

On the 1st of April 1918 Private Compelli’s Battalion was transferred to 52nd (Lowland) Division and moved to France (2).

The next move took place on the 31st May 1918 when they were transferred to Lines of Communication. 14th July 1918. They were attached to the 50th (Northumbrian) Division as Pioneer Battalion (2).

The Royal Irish Regiment was one of the five disbanded units under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty after the recognition of the Republic of Ireland in 1922 (2).

After demobilization, Anthony lived in 11 Summer Hill, Dublin 1 (1). Probably after the war he got married to Mary Compelli and they had one son James Compelli (6). Also at some point they moved to the 19 Great Charles Street, Dublin 1 (6).

Anthony died on the 5th December 1947 at age 48 and he is buried at Glasnevin Cemetery, County Dublin, Ireland.


(1) British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920

(2) The Long, Long Trail, 1914-1918 – Royal Irish Regiment


(3) Glasnevin Cemetery – County Dublin, Ireland


(4) The Long, Long Trail, 1914-1918 - Kitchener's Army


(5) Kitchener's Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia


(6) Glasnevin Trust - Genealogy search results

(7) 10th (Irish) Division - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

(8) 10th (Irish) Division – The Long, Long Trail, 1914-1918


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Hi guys,

I would have few extra questions, if someone can help me.

- Like I understand Garrison Battalions was employed overseas only for a supporting duties? Some how I can't find almost any inputs about the 2nd Garrison Bn. in Salonika. I presume they were under 28th Division after leaving from Dublin from end of 1916? In February 1917 228th Brigade was formed and they were posted under Brigade then?

- I found from ancestry battalion soldier who died in Malta. Did they stationed short time in Malta some point in November 1916 (James Duffy, G-1458, died 06.11.1916 in Malta)? Meantime 28th Division's units got together in Alexandria by 22nd Nov.

- Battalion was removed from 228th Brigade on 6th August 1917, if any of you know where they was moved or to whom reported after this time?

- When the battalion was disbanded or moved back from Mediterranean Expeditionary Forces?

Any other details about 2nd Garrison battalion RIFus, book recomendations, etc would be great!

Thank you in advance!


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Hi. I am Anthony's youngest grandchild Alan! My father is Bernard. You have provided some incredible information here which I really appreciate. My father's father Anthony died when he was 14 and all I really knew was he joined the army in WW1 and subsequently worked in Guinness' and had many children!

To fill you in on some of the information you were looking for - Anthony's father and uncle came over from Bettola in Italy at the end of the 19th century to work as stone masons on Armagh Cathedral. His father married and stayed in Ireland and I think he was an only child. He married Mary McMahon. They lived an North Great Charles Street when my father was small. I'm not sure what happened the uncle but he left Ireland

It's funny I've been to Bettola and met some distant cousins but know very little about my grandfather. Yes, as you found, there is no information available in the 1901/1911 censuses as far I I can see.

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I am not sure if anyone is still here on this thread but I have been looking up information about my grandfather who is Anthony Compelli and I just came across this. I did not know that he served in WW1 and find this very interesting. Just wondering why you were looking up information about him. Are you related too?

If you have any photographs of Anthony I’d love to see

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Hi, Im not sure if this thread is still open, I would like to find out more about Anthony James Compelli and his war medals.  Is it possible for me to apply for a copy of the medals? where would I start?.  Any help would be wonderful.  Thank you in advance.

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  • Admin
8 minutes ago, Carrie said:

Hi, Im not sure if this thread is still open, I would like to find out more about Anthony James Compelli and his war medals.  Is it possible for me to apply for a copy of the medals? where would I start?.  Any help would be wonderful.  Thank you in advance.

Hi Carrie,

Welcome to the forum.

You would have to buy replicas, there are sites for that, unless they were returned. The Medal Index Card Noor had would say so.

You might  want to post in the Family seeking medals section of this forum http://www.britishmedalforum.com as you may get lucky.


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Thank you so much David, my family are paying tribute to my granddad Anthony in 2 weeks by his graveside and I want to find more detailed information on his service. Thank you for your help.  Carrie

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  • Admin
2 minutes ago, Carrie said:

Thank you so much David, my family are paying tribute to my granddad Anthony in 2 weeks by his graveside and I want to find more detailed information on his service. Thank you for your help.  Carrie

Can I suggest you start a new thread in the Soldiers sections with his name, regiment and number in the title and as much information as you have in the detail. That way the experts will come to your assistance and they can be very informative.

All the best


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