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Remembered Today:

Simpson, Selby Station, Yorkshire

Chris Noble

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This rather 'grainy' photo is a copy of a newspaper article, date unknown.

The title is 'Selby Man Returns To The Front For The Third Time.' The limited text that accompanies the photo states that he is one A. Simpson however the family believes that this is a typo and may be one George Simpson.

As a start point, can anybody confirm uniform identity.

Apologies for the quality of photo, taken from an i Phone.

Best wishes.



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Looks like an RE signaller based on the shape of the badge and the fact that he looks like he's wearing armbands, but the picture is too poor to be of diagnostic quality. All that can accurately be said is that he rides a horse (based on the bandolier and trousers). Based on the approximate shape of the badge we can say that there are a number of regiments that he ISN'T in, but it really is impossible to say more than that based on the quality of the image and accompanying info..

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, the Arm band did make me think R.E.

In the original, and, once again, the image is poor, the family do believe he is in the process of a 'handshake' with the Mayor Of Selby.

Well, i am in the local archives tomorrow. A very 'long shot' on Simpson and i am sure that he can not be found in one days research. However, any comments provided give me something to 'work on.'

Best wishes and many thanks for the input.


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