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Austin Cunion RFA


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Hi all This chap is not on the The Cwgc Or Sdgw

But he is on the local war Memorial

Austin Cunion


21621 Royal Field Artillery

Austin I Presume was Wounded in Action and Discharged from the army as no longer fit for war service ?

(Silver War Badge RA /798 ) Austin Died at Home in the April to June Quarter of 1920 aged 25

He died within the qualifying period for inclusion on the Cwgc if his death can be attributed to his war service ( ie his war Injuries)

I intend to vist the local newspaper archives to see if there is a orbituaries for this chap some time in the near future

which might shed some light on his cause of death

Austin can be found on the 1911 Census residing with his widowed Mother Alberta Aged 16 an Errand boy

At 27 Myrtle Street Middlesbrough

Austin can also be found on the 1901 census the youngest of four children residing with his Father John a dock stevedore and Mother Alberta and siblings at 31 Myrtle Street Middlesbrough

The Question I would like to Ask is would it be possible to find out the date of his discharge from the army from his SWB number

if Possible could anybody find out ?

Kind Ray

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The list for his SWB which is the RA/798 (equivalent to the medal roll for his campaign medals, rather than being the number of his individual badge) should indeed show his discharge date, but may just state he was wounded, rather than giving any more detailed info. This list is now in WO 329/2967

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Assuming you're considering submitting his name to CWGC/MoD for commemoration, you're going to need his death certificate and it's going to need to link cause of death to his military service.

If you wish, the In From the Cold Project will be happy to submit his name on your behalf assuming, of course, that the evidence is there to support it. If we do agree to put it forward for you, we'll be happy to refund the cost of the death certificate to you (but it's your punt in the first instacne - if he got hit by a runaway tram then we wouldnt put it forward). As always with cases we submit for someone, you would always be the "finder"

The information from the the SWB may be useful supporting information by way fo giving the date of discharge (by which closeness to date of death may well be relevent) and whether dischrged through wounds or ill health (which may be somewhat helpful when we know cause of death)

FWIW, Google throws up the fact that he is remembered on the Middlesborough war memorial - the mention is on a document prepared by our late Pal Bob Coulson.

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Just because he had a silver war badge does not mean he was wounded, it could well have been awarded for sickness or even for termination/completion of service. You will need to get a copy of the war badge roll to see if it is in any way relevant to the cause of death shown on his death certificate.


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Thanks for the reply pointing out that the number on his MIC is the list for his SWB ,Not the number on his badge

all these small items of info ,Add to my Knowledge and will assist me in the future


Thanks for the Link , will pop over to the Cemetery and Photo his Headstone now I have a Grave Reference ,thanks to your link


Thanks for your reply I have taken note of the points you have made you are correct he could have been awarded the SWB for any number of reasons


thanks for the reply you are correct I was considering submitting his name to CWGC/MoD for commemoration he seems to have had a early demise aged just 25 possibly war related only his death cirtificate will prove it one way or another

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