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Remembered Today:

Robert Service BBC Radio 4 1st May 2010 16:30


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Believe this is the same Robert Service as the author of Rhymes of a Redcross Man.

Lost Voices

Sunday 01 May

4:30pm - 5:00pm

BBC Radio 4

Robert Service


Brian Patten celebrates the poetry of Robert Service, a Scotsman who emigrated to Canada in the late 19th-century and found fame for his depictions of life during the Yukon gold rush. However, despite becoming one of the world's best-paid poets, Service's work is now rarely remembered outside his adopted country. With readings by James Cosmo. Last in the series.


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You can listen online HERE.... which is handy for those of us awa'


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Country Joe McDonald did an album 'War War War' based on the poems of Robert Service. Sadly, it's no longer available (except for very high prices).


It contains a wonderfully poignant poem/song 'The Ballad of Jean Duprez' which can be heard here (sung live, but not as well as the original studio version)


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