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12 Middlesex Regiment


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Can anyone help with the War Diary entry for the 12th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment for 26 September 1916.

I have downloaded the War Diary from the NA but there are pages MISSING, the page I wanted in particular. The writing differs from one page to the next and also it ends mid sentence on the previous page. (Most annoying).

Ive also noticed that the page relating to the 6th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment for 31 August 1918 is also missing (although I already have this from another source).

If anyone can help I would be most grateful,


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Wyrall's history has a detailed 3 page account of the events (which I would think came directly from the Diary) at Thiepval, plus a map. If you PM me your email address I'll scan and send the material.



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Hi Martin,

Many thanks for the items.

I have been in contact with the NA who have checked the original and pages ARE missing from the file.

If anyone has the War Diary for this date I would be most grateful.


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