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Frederick Gerorge Willam Marchant in multiple roles

Proud grandson

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Hi all, am wondering if anyone can help. Looked more closely at two photos of the g/g/grandfather, Frederick Geroge William Marchant, with highly waxed moustache (born London 1875, died Essex c 1960) - one photo shows him in plain black suit, white shirt and black tie wearing a Petty Officers cap badge - photo embossed with name of printer with T Union Street, Plymouth on it. In hand on back, 'Naval Hospital Plymouth'. The only other photo of him we have here in the antipodes, is him roughly the same age (in a professional portrait) with St John Uniform with collar thier own badges and additional ones clearly of the Welsh Brigade - very upright feathers as distinct from lowered ones. If this was a territorial force until WW1 and he seems not to have gone outside England (wife and 7 children) how could he be a petty officer in Plymouth and the Welsh Brigade. Any suggestions greatly apreciated. Is this the correct forum to be asking such im? Thanks Michael O'Donnell

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Just a passing suggestion - in the RNH Plymouth,might he have been a casualty recovering and wearing the RNH clobber whilst under recovery ? Much as the patients of Netley Mil Hospital wore Army blue and red in the same position ?


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